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Fort Nelson First Nation Land Code Development

Fort Nelson First Nation (FNFN) worked with community members, staff, legal counsel and the Lands Advisory Board Resource Center to develop our Land Code under the First Nation developed Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management.  This will enable FNFN to regain the governance of our reserve lands and resources, which are currently held by the federal government and managed under the Indian Act.

This web site is dedicated to providing our members with up-to-date information on our Land Code, the land law that will allow us to regain this control. 

We need all of our members to take note of this important Land Code opportunity,

and TO VOTE to help make it a reality. 


Please take the time to review the information on the site, and contact us with any questions.   


Let's return the control and protection of our reserve lands, resources, and environment to our people, where it rightfully belongs. 

Fort Nelson First Nation Land Code. It's our decision!
Vote Dates: November 30th and December 7th, 2023

What is the 

Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management?

This Agreement was developed by First Nations over 30 years ago, and negotiated and signed with Canada in 1996, to enable First Nations to replace all 44 lands management sections of the Indian Act with a First Nation's own land law - its Land Code. 


First Nations choose to opt in as signatories to the Framework Agreement to give their communities the opportunity to regain governance over their Reserve lands. 


Fort Nelson First Nation became a signatory in 2016.

There are currently 207 First Nations that are signatories to the Framework Agreement.

What is the 

Fort Nelson First Nation (FNFN) Land Code?

Our Land Code will have no negative effects on our treaty rights or ability to continue to assert our rights to our traditional lands.  In fact, the capacity built within our community during this process is seen as an asset to these negotiations.

The Fort Nelson First Nation Land Code sets out the rules, principles and administrative structures that will apply to FNFN reserve lands, as laid out in the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management, to which we are a signatory.


The Land Code, if approved by our community, will enable our Nation to manage our reserve lands, environment and natural resources,  that are current being managed by Canada.

THE BENEFITS!  Our Land Code will:

  • Allow FNFN to protect our environment

  • Protect FNFN Reserve lands from expropriation

  • Protect against loss of land base by surrender or sale

  • Increase accountability to FNFN members

  • Recognize FNFN as a government with decision-making authority over our reserve lands

  • Include on and off-reserve members in important decisions

  • Transfer land revenues from Canada to FNFN

  • and so much more....

What is the 

Individual Agreement?

An Agreement negotiated between our First Nation and Canada to deal with such matters as:


  • Reserve lands to be managed

  • Specifics of the transfer of the administration of land from Canada to the First Nation

  • Transfer of revenue and capital monies

  • An interim environmental assessment process

  • Funding​

What are we voting on?

Fort Nelson First Nation voting members will be asked to vote on the:


Please reach out with any questions about the proposed Fort Nelson First Nation Land Code

Jody Cornish

FNFN Land Code Coordinator

2026 Kennay-Yah Road

RR1 Mile 295 Alaska Highway
Fort Nelson, B.C. V0C 1R0

T: 250.774.7257

F: 250.774.7260

TF: 1.888.543.3636

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