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Fort Nelson First Nation Land Code: Calendar of Events

Online Sessions

  • Tuesday Oct 24th  7pm
  • Tuesday Nov 14th 7pm
  • Tuesday Nov 21st 7pm
  • Tuesday Nov 28th 7pm
  • Tuesday Dec 5th 7pm  

In-Person Meetings


  • November 30th 9am-8pm

  • December 7th 9am-8pm


The above dates are for in-person voting at Council Chambers.

Mail-in and electronic ballots are accepted until 8pm December 7th

Zoom Recordings of Meetings

Community Meeting October 10th

October 24th Zoom Meeting

Youth Meeting November 7th

Zoom Meeting November 14th

Community Meeting November 16th

Elders Meeting November 20th

Zoom Meeting November 21st

Zoom Meeting November 28th
Doig River Special Guests

Do you have questions about up-coming events or copies of presentations?  Please contact us!

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